Alumni Stories - Perla Vargas
Date: 26.05.2022
Alumni Stories

Where were you born?

Dominican Republic

Where do you live?


Where do you work?

I’m co-founder of Varval Home, an interior design and architecture studio, we are a studio where we create residential spaces centred on the necessities of the clients and their objectives. We create habitable, cosy and welcoming spaces. Varval Home is much more than just a traditional studio, we offer personalized digital services, adapting to the market through which we’re being contacted.

What has been your professional career?

Since my graduation in architecture, I’ve worked in various of the degree’s branches: from engineering to reaching the point of doing an architectural restauration and rehabilitation master. Then after many years of undertaking residential projects, I understood that interior design and interior architecture are my passion. I had the pleasure of collaborating in different interior projects, and firms with completely different perspectives. This has helped me in being able to find what defines me as a designer.

What is design to you?

More than a word, it’s a concept. Design to me is much more than a word, it goes beyond that. It’s understanding that everything functions because someone has designed it, has thought it out. A friend once told me that “Design is the name, and the area is the last name” design is the solution to a necessity, it’s understanding the needs and giving an optimal and creative result to that “problem”.

Who inspires you professionally speaking?

I’m a detail-oriented person, I contemplate persons and how they adapt to spaces. It inspires me to observe and talk with people and understand their point of view.

How would you define your time at Elisava?

A challenge, I learned a lot. I met incredible people. It’s important to emphasize that my time at Elisava was during a complicated moment for the whole world, just at the beginning of 2020 I enrolled in Elisava. We all know what happened, but professors and collaborators supported us all the way.

What has marked you the most from what you have learned at Elisava?

That I could expand on many topics that I thought I understood, but in reality, I didn’t. As I mentioned I studied architecture, not all architects are interior designers or even less are designers of residential spaces. I loved being able to see my colleagues’ solutions and their points of view. Each and one of us with a different cultural background.

An advice.

It is a beautiful professional career, we shouldn’t be discouraged by things, clients or providers, they’re elements that one learns day to day. The best projects are not those that have the highest budget, but are those that can adjust and innovate with creativity.

A challenge for the future.

To be able to bring Varval Home’s philosophy to more people, to reach further and accomplish all goals that we’ve marked. To take that personal touch to homes and make them understand that a project can be wonderful even without such a high budget.

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