Alumni Stories - Joan Recasens
Date: 17.12.2020
Alumni Stories

Where were you born?

In Barcelona.

Where do you live?

In Barcelona.

Studies and class of Elisava:

Degree in Engineering and Degree in Design.

Where do you work?

At the communication agency FlopWork.

How has your professional career been like?

When I finished studying, I became the co-founder of Col·lec, an experience design Studio. Later, I had the opportunity to work in the design management at FAD and BCD. I am currently working as a creative at FlopWork. I also teach Sciences Applied to Design at IED Barcelona.

What is design for you?

A methodology to achieve some specific goals framed within some technical requirements.

Who inspires you, professionally speaking?

Any company or professional that has been working in the field for many years without losing their idea or vision. A good example of it is the company VITSOE.

How would you define your time at Elisava?

A moment of personal growth and of opening new horizons.

What has marked you the most of everything you learned at Elisava?

Probably the professors Josep Novell, Salva Fàbregas, Daria de Seta, Francesc Ribot and Raffaella Perrone, among others. A lot of time, when I find myself in front of a design challenge, I ask myself: “How would they face it?”

An advice:

Go to a lot of hardware shops, have a deep knowledge about materials and manufacturing techniques.

A future challenge:

I am starting the publishing project Luftmeer. We edit old and contemporary materials about the intersection of science and art works. Graphics, diagrams, sketches, maps, cartographies… We wonder about the relationship between “reality” and “knowledge”. Luftmeer is where the thinking becomes visually noticeable.

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