Alumni Stories - Anna Torndelacreu
Date: 29.01.2021
Alumni Stories

Where were you born?

In a small town in Vallés, called Figueró-Montmany.

Where do you live?

In the Barcelona region.

Where do you work?

I am the co-founder of the interior design studio Crude and I collaborate with the interior design studio of Sandra Tarruella Interioristas. I also combine it with the academic field.

How has your professional career been like?

Before finishing my academic training, I started working at Sandra Tarruella's interior design studio. Together with her team I have been able to develop my professional profile. Taking this training into account, I have been able to face new challenges as a teacher and even face my personal project with great enthusiasm.

What is design for you?

Design for me is everything that surrounds us. Each element has been thought and subjected to a process of creation and, therefore, of design. I would dare to say that in nature we can also identify design. It is a way of understanding life.

Who inspires you professionally speaking?

Although it may seem a cliché: everything I can see and touch. When I walk down the street I try to lift and lower my head and see what happens beyond the usual visual field. We can discover a new perspective. I enjoy an aimless walk in which I am captivated with everything that interests me. When I walk with friends or family I always stay further back to observe the surroundings.

How would you define your time at Elisava?

Intense, daring and inspiring.

What has marked you the most of everything you learned at Elisava?

Finding myself in an inspiring environment where everything was possible and where I could always discover new paths thanks to the help of the professors.

An advice:

Open your eyes and ears to learn everything within your reach.

A challenge for the future:

To feel satisfied and happy with each of the projects carried out, and also be able to enter the field of research in relation to design.

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