If you have obtained an academic degree from Elisava or have been a PROFESSIONAL or COLLABORATOR of the School, you are part of the Alumni Community.
In order to access the associated benefits and receive information on a regular basis, you will need to register.
Alumni Bold
ALUMNI BOLD can access a number of benefits designed to offer them professional opportunities and inspiration in the fields of design, engineering, entrepreneurship and innovation.
As members of the ASSOCIATION they must pay an annual fee of 50€.
To keep up to date with news without accessing the Bold benefits, we designed REGULAR ALUMNI profile at no cost.
Job bank, mentoring and professional opportunities
Product Marketing in La Capell
Alumni activities
Preferential access to Festivals and Professional Conferences
Access to the School's facilities
Elisava Entrepreneurs and Elisava Alumni Incubator Program
Discounts on Continuing Education programmes in Elisava
Other discounts
Here you will find all the information about the Bold benefits