Alumni Stories - Paula López-Nuño
Date: 05.11.2023
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Where were you born?

Barcelona, Spain.

Where do you live?

Barcelona, Spain.

What did you study at Elisava?

Undergraduate Degree in Design (Mention in Graphic Design) and Master in Data & Design.

Where do you work?

I work at Folch as Head of Education & Strategist and at Elisava as Professor and Master Director.

What has been your professional career?

Following my graduation from Elisava, I started working as a visual designer at Grande, a graphic design studio based in Barcelona. During that time, I was awarded with the Highest Academic Record 2015-2019, for what I was granted a full scholarship to pursue the Master in Data & Design by Domestic Data Streamers, which I started simultaneously.

In 2021, I joined Folch to explore a position that encompassed aspects of visual design, strategy and innovation. Since then, my role has remained very liquid, collaborating with numerous teams and engaging in a variety of multidisciplinary tasks. I've been involved in projects spanning from visual development to strategic planning, and I'm currently focused on the design of educational initiatives. 

Last year, in partnership with Elisava, we launched the Master Beyond Branding program, which I lead alongside Nicolás Cevallos, Albert Folch, and Rafa Martínez. Now, in my capacity as Head of Education & Strategist, I am actively exploring innovative opportunities between design and education, developing a new business area within the agency.

I plan to eventually further my professional training in the fields of innovation and design research.

What is design to you?

A means to ease, speak and excite.

Who inspires you professionally speaking?


A “research and design lab on a mission to create a better everyday life for people and the planet”, focused on innovation, that was active from 2015 to 2023.

Forensic Architecture

A “multidisciplinary research group that uses architectural techniques and technologies to investigate cases of state violence and violations of human rights around the world”.

How would you define your time at Elisava?


What has marked you the most from what you have learned at Elisava?

The sense of community.

A piece of advice:

Be flexible and aware of your environment.

A challenge for the future:

Contribute to making design inherent in other professions.

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