Alumni Stories - Nicole Vindel
Date: 02.07.2021
Alumni Stories

Where were you born?



Where do you live?

Partly in Barcelona, partly on the Internet.


Where do you work?

Food Design Nation, OSFD Online School of Food Design, Random Happiness, and in my studio Nicole Vindel Studio.


What has been your professional career?

I've jumped from design to research, and from engineering to art. In the end I've made a cocktail of all the aspects that interest me and I've created a play and work space in which I trust and believe I can add value.


What is design for you?

Design is like a joke that you don't have to explain.


Who inspires you professionally speaking?

Dunne Raby, Erwin Wurm, Eva Hasse, Olivero Toscani, Marina Abramovic.... But I am also inspired by the people themselves and our complexities. I love to feel lost, out of my comfort zone and to focus on understanding my surroundings. That's why I believe that empathising with other cultures is a very powerful creative tool.


How would you define your time at Elisava?

Non-stop. Very active and energetic, with people who have changed the way I feel and have helped me (and continue to help me) to grow both professionally and personally.


What has marked you the most of everything you learned at Elisava?

That the superpower we have as designers is to connect the dots and design ecosystems. It's a holistic process that comes with great responsibility.

An advice

To ask ourselves very often: is it worth it? To be critical of what we do and where we spend our time.

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