Alumni Stories - Josep Puig
Date: 28.07.2021
Alumni Stories

Where were you born?

In Terrassa.


Where do you live?

In Barcelona


Where do you work?

I currently have the office in the same place where I live.


What has been your professional career?

Since 1982 I have been part of different teams and have set up several offices.

Since 1983 I have combined professional activity with teaching.

What is design for you?

An activity aimed at shaping things. The word shape understood in a very broad sense. In many cases the praxis of Design ends up being transferred to many of your actions.


Who inspires you professionally speaking?

I am inspired by everything that involves, or has involved, exploring and opening new paths in Design, architecture, science, engineering, literature, etc.

How would you define your time at Elisava?

There was a short stage of training, when I studied it was three years, but it helped me to get to know the world of design and many of the colleagues with whom I have worked and shared friendship until today. And a second stage, much longer, as a professor of industrial design projects and which has been deeply enriching. I had never intended to teach and now I am grateful to have had this opportunity.


What has marked you the most of everything you learned at Elisava?

The way to analyse what surrounds you, have your own criteria and apply rigour in everything you do. Normally we know a little about many things, knowing how to listen and share with specialists and be an observer, together with the experience of the years, makes up the acquired knowledge.

An advice

Never lose curiosity and the pleasure to face challenges. The limits will already arise, do not set them yourself. You can always contribute with something new and better no matter how small it is.

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