Alumni Stories - Ana Ornelas
Date: 30.04.2021
Alumni Stories

Where were you born?

São Paulo, Brazil


Where do you live?

Barcelona, ​​Spain


Studies and graduation year at Elisava

Master in Graphic Design and Postgraduate in Illustration and Comics


Where do you work?

I'm a freelance graphic designer for Zara and I'm building my own illustration brand.


What has been your professional career?

I’m trained in advertising and in Brazil I worked for companies like Travelweek Sao Paulo and DDB Brasil. In Madrid I did a summer internship at Lola Mullen Lowe. In my second semester of the Master in Graphic Design at ELISAVA I started working at Editorial Planeta. I continued with them while I was studying the Postgraduate Programme in Illustration and then I entered the world of fashion, working for brands such as Mango and Lefties. After working at a supplier in Barcelona whose main client was Zara Kids, I set out on my own as a freelance designer while working to build my own brand of prints and other illustrated products.


What is design for you?

For me, design is a way of creating. It is a visual and functional way of expressing an idea, often evoking sensations and feelings.


Who inspires you professionally speaking?

It is very difficult to be able to mention just one person. There are so many artists who inspire me, especially because of their career, their way of seeing life from a creative prism. I would say that I am inspired by people who leave their comfort zone and create, because it is what comes out of themselves. Nature for me is also a huge source of inspiration.


How would you define your time at Elisava?

An important springboard for the world of design in Barcelona. An excellent way to stay in contact with professionals in the sector and see up-to-date and powerful projects launched.


What has marked you the most of everything you learned at Elisava?

For me, the most inspiring thing of the entire master was having classes with Óscar Germade. He was always very attentive and detailed with the projects delivered. Being able to be in his Editorial classes for magazines increased my curiosity about the layout and the possibilities we have when creating.


Some good advice

If you hesitate in the middle of your professional career, remember what it is that moves you, the reason why you started.


A challenge for the future

To feel happy and fulfilled in each project, happy to deliver an optimal result to the client and that the client is happy to receive it too.

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