Alumni Stories - Àlex Casabò
Date: 28.07.2020
Alumni Stories

We are glad to introduce you to Àlex Casabò! Discover his professional career and inspirations! Àlex is willing to share with us his relationship with design and engineering and connect with the Alumni community.

You were born in


You live in


Your graduation year

I graduated from Industrial Design Engineering in 2013

You work at

I am a freelance since 2015, and since then I have been working with design studios like Ànima Barcelona. Currently I work with Trílope designing sets and spaces and with SafeDsign as an industrial designer. I also teach projects in Elisava and drawing in LCI.


You're inspired by

Lately I am fascinated by digital and abstract 3D art. There are very talented people who, simply mixing colors, light and shapes, transmit brutal sensations and create imaginary objects and spaces. I recommend the Instagrams of “holmandhimmel” or “xuxoe”, they are good places to discover new artists.

Your idols are

In the world of design, Dieter Rams or Jonathan Ive. Out of this world, I am a big fan of film directors like Christopher Nolan or Alex Garland, who somehow touch on topics related to design, innovation and new technologies. And then, entrepreneurs and visionaries like Steve Jobs or Elon Musk. On a personal level, my parents and grandparents.

Your best memory of Elisava

Well, there are many, but I remember very well the first days of the first year, the excitement of starting a degree that I wanted to do, where I could finally study what I really liked. The feeling of starting a new thing, meeting colleagues with the same interests and having 4 years ahead to discover a new profession.

One good thing you learnt at Elisava

Discovering that with certain methodologies, in the end, there is not much difference between designing a shoe, an app or a bicycle. This opens up a lot of possibilities and somehow it allows you to be what you want to be.

A good advice

Try to learn something new every day.

About your professional experience in a few words

It has been a little chaotic but a lot of fun, I think I have few design branches left to touch. I have worked as a designer in product, graphic, fashion, web and app, spaces and scenographies... I like to change, not get stuck on a specific topic and be able to grow as a designer.

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