The fourth call of the Elisava Crowdfunding Challenge is already underway
Date: 14.11.2023
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In May, it was announced the launch of the fourth call of the Elisava Crowdfunding Challenge, an initiative promoted by Elisava's Alumni Department. This call is aimed at undergraduate, master's, and postgraduate students, as well as Alumni Bold who have a project or developed product that they wish to promote, edit, or launch to the market.

In this edition, two outstanding projects have been selected: Nomadnest and Osa. Nomadnest is the result of the joint effort of Clàudia Ruiz and Hans López Möller. Their idea focuses on transforming conventional vehicles into comfortable and safe personal shelters, where you can enjoy a rest without sacrificing the comfort of a bed.

The product was conceived with the vision of offering a practical and safe solution in the post-pandemic era, allowing travelers to enjoy maximum freedom without the need to share accommodation with others. The proposal eliminates the need to own a camper or motorhome to explore new destinations and travel with total independence.

Nomadnest is an expandable bed that adapts to any car on the market. Its foldable design allows for easy storage in a standard-sized bag, taking up minimal space once the trip is over. This project exemplifies innovation and the search for practical solutions in the field of design and mobility and is one of the projects highlighted in the fourth call of the Elisava Crowdfunding Challenge.

The second project selected in the fourth call of the Elisava Crowdfunding Challenge is Osa, led by Lucía Parra García, Lucía Carazo Piskulich, Anna Álvarez Sebastià, Mariona Jiménez Fernández and Sònia Moctezuma Mallol. Osa is a brand of fanny packs made from 100% recycled fabric and designed to be water-resistant. These fanny packs are intended for a wide variety of users, including hikers, athletes, youth, adults, and students, among others, who are looking to carry items without the need to carry bulky bags or backpacks.

The choice of recycled materials and water resistance of the Osa fanny packs reflect a commitment to sustainability and functionality. These fanny packs provide a practical solution for those who want to carry their belongings safely and comfortably, without sacrificing protection from the elements.

Both projects, Nomadnest and Osa, will have expert support in the different phases of design, strategy, launch, and monitoring of their crowdfunding campaigns, in order to ensure their success, as has happened in previous editions. The Elisava Crowdfunding Challenge is managed by Valentí Acconcia, a consultant with extensive experience in crowdfunding.

Since 2011, Valentí has been professionally dedicated to crowdfunding, co-founding several projects in the sector and collaborating with leading crowdfunding platforms to raise millions of euros for their clients. His experience and knowledge are valuable resources for the participants of this initiative.

Together with Valentí, participants will develop a calendar of actions and goals, with the objective of achieving maximum success in launching their projects. The purpose is to assist participants in planning and executing their crowdfunding campaigns in the most effective way possible, thus maximizing their chances of reaching their goals.

In the coming weeks, this new phase will be launched, marking the beginning of a process that is essential for the success of the Nomadnest and Osa projects. In addition, Alumni will monitor both the pre-launch and the launch of both funding campaigns.

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