Ticc*: a flashing indicator light system for helmets that promotes safe and sustainable mobility
Date: 28.05.2020

A flashing indicator light device for helmets created to promote and improve the sustainable mobility of users of electric scooters, bicycles or skateboards. This is the idea behind Ticc*, one of the projects chosen in the Elisava Crowdunding Challenge to receive expert support in the design and launch of its crowdfunding campaign.

The initiative is led by Alumni Sergi Paez, along with Guillem Crosa, Jordi Planas and Bárbara Montoto: a group of four entrepreneurs, with a diverse academic and professional background, who have worked together to create a safer and more sustainable way of moving with Personal Mobility Vehicles (PMV).


Motion sensor system and commitment to sustainable urban mobility

The innovative motion sensor system of Ticc* allows the user to indicate to other road users the direction that will take with a slight head movement to the left or to the right, without removing the hands from the handlebar. To increase safety, the device has a speaker system connected to the light that informs the user when the indicator has been activated. Furthermore, Ticc* is committed to sustainable urban mobility, hence the device's casing is made from recycled plastic and biodegradable material.

The company will launch a campaign on Kickstarter this summer to find investors that will allow them to start its production. Those who collaborate in the crowdfunding campaign will be the first users in the world to integrate flashing indicators lights into their bike or scooter helmet and will be able to buy the Ticc* device at a lower price.

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