Francisco Jaramillo presents Ibuju in the Side Gallery gallery
Date: 24.04.2023
Entrepreneurship Inspiración

Francisco Jaramillo, Elisava Alumni and founder of the Medellín-based product design studio Fango, has been chosen by Side Gallery to exhibit his Ibuju collection.

The series was born out of concern for the indiscriminate felling and overuse of native Amazonian woods. Looking for alternatives to build functional furniture with indigenous materials, Jaramillo and the weavers of Fango discovered the renewable “yaré” fibre. “Yaré” is a fibre commonly called "bejuco", a root that grows around the trunks of trees in the Colombian Amazon. These fibres are used by local indigenous communities in southern Colombia for handmade weaving, which inspired Jaramillo to translate the aesthetics and native geometries of primitive wooden objects into a new collection that uses sustainable materials to create the neo-folk furniture collection.


The collection will be on view at Casavells until 18 June 2023.

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