Berta Julià Sala has given life to Alted Materials
Date: 11.04.2023
Entrepreneurship Sustainability Inspiración

Elisava Alumni Berta Julià Sala, has given life to the brand Alted Materials, which aims to lead a significant change in the construction and interior design market. With the use of surface and structural products, Alted advocates a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach. In addition, Berta is working on the transition to a circular economy business model, where the development of new products is only one part of a larger circular building system that seeks to minimise waste and maximise the reuse of materials.


One of Alted Materials' most notable creations is the Alted H01 panels, a collection of colourful surface tiles made from Honext, a material made from waste paper, designed by Berta herself. These panels are designed to be used indoors across walls and ceilings, and have been conceived to be easy to install and maintain, with guaranteed longevity.

With Alted Materials, Berta Julià Sala is leading an innovative initiative that seeks to transform the construction and interior design industry by promoting a more sustainable and environmentally friendly model.

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