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Date: 02.05.2023
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Do you want to continue studying, but don’t want to sacrifice your valuable time? Then you might be interested in SHIFTA's Focused Programs and we'll tell you why!

●       The courses are 100% online and have a duration of only 5-6 weeks. In a month you have it ready!

●       Actively tutored by a professional in the discipline, so you will receive guidance and support when you need.

●       Have a set calendar to track progress.

●       Live classes and autonomous work on your virtual campus will allow you to maintain a constant pace of study.

●       Designed for professionals like you, who want to continue training and specializing.

And... good news! So… if you are wondering “Why now?” The answer is “And why not?”.

In an increasingly competitive and constantly evolving world, it is essential to continue acquiring new skills to stand out in the professional world. Now is the perfect time!

These are the courses that SHIFTA has for you!

Courses in Spanish – Start: May 8

●       Tipografía Digital: Create a strong digital typographic system, taking interpolation and variable fonts into account.

●       Diseño Editorial: Conceptualizes and designs print and digital editorial projects.

●       Packaging Sostenible: Create and design packaging with less environmental impact.

●       Branded Content: Identify the interests of the audience and transmit the brand values.

●       Innovación en Servicios: If the design seeks to solve problems, research is the first step to discover and understand them.

Courses in Spanish – Start: June 12

●       Storytelling audiovisual: Extend the reach of marketing by building a brand story and using multimedia storytelling.


●       Diseño e Innovación Social: Develop social projects with a positive impact on society.


●       Investigación para el Diseño: It offers solutions to real user problems through deep knowledge of the context of use.


●       Diseño Emocional: Connect with consumers through an emotional design experience.

Courses in English – Start May 15

●       Project Management in Creative Industries: Develop in a creative context and execute projects efficiently.


●       AI for Creative Projects: Explore the use of artificial intelligence in creative pursuits.


●       Advanced creativity: Exercise your creativity and generate disruptive and original ideas.


●       Trends & Creative Mix: Find out what is relevant to a brand's audience and create ideas, concepts and content.


Do you already know which one you are going to study?

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