Carlos Álvarez presents "Ultra Materiam" at Blanc! festival
Date: 22.10.2023
Career developement Inspiración

Carlos Álvarez, Alumni of the Degree in Design and Innovation, was one of the three students of Elisava, along with other Alumni, Alma Mariscal, and Sara Barcons, who participated in the recent edition of Brut! 2023, an event in which the best design schools present projects of their most outstanding students.

After winning the Brut! 2023 edition, as a prize, Carlos presented his TFG "Ultra Materiam" last Saturday 21st in front of the attendees of the Blanc! Festival, which is held annually in Vilanova i la Geltrú.

"Ultra Materiam" is an experimental project that seeks to generate a new visual language based on the philosophical legacy of the Voyager mission (1997), which sent a disc encoded with the identity of humanity to the ends of the universe. From this legacy, it is proposed how we can compress the identity of a person and how to visualize complex and abstract data of identity, related to the complexity of the human being.

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