Alumni Stories - David Morros
Date: 29.06.2022

Where you were born?

In Manresa, on 03/06/73

Where do you live?

In Manresa

Where do you work?

In Tous

What has been your professional career?

Once I finished my Industrial Design studies at Elisava, I started to work in different companies in the technical area and product development, in the metal, plastic and wood sector. At the end of this period, I moved into the jewellery, retail and fashion sectors, where I'm still working today.

What is design for you?

For me, design is born from the combination of artistic creativity and technology, resulting in an "entity" where function justifies form.

Who inspires you professionally?

Walter Gropius.

How would you define your time at Elisava?

My time at Elisava has been like planting a seed, it has had a very positive impact on my entire professional career. I started studying because I was passionate about creativity, shapes and objects. Maybe I wanted to be an inventor. And I chose industrial design because I didn't want to get technical, as at that time an engineering degree was required, and I didn't want to limit myself to a career in architecture. For this reason, I chose industrial design as a response to an infinite creative possibility without limits.

What has marked you most from everything you learnt at Elisava?

I still remember many of the teachers I have. And I apply a lot of the knowledge I learnt, which, despite the fact that more than 25 years have passed, is still very much alive. At that time the school was small, but it responded to all the needs you could imagine. I remember perfectly many of the classes and activities I experienced, the names of the teachers, the projects, the classmates. This bond has been so intense that, nowadays, I have collaborated in the area of business and teaching.

An advice

Don't be afraid to make mistakes and always smile.

A challenge for the future

Continue to enjoy learning.

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