Alumni Stories - Adrià Bosch
Date: 18.01.2023
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Where were you born? 

In Barcelona.

Where do you live?

In El Masnou.

Where do you work?

At Boed Design, the studio I founded. We have our office in El Masnou, but we work for the whole Peninsula and Islands and soon for South America.

What has your professional career been like? 

I graduated in the middle of the crisis and, seeing how the market situation was and the abuse of internship students in companies, I decided to set up a studio with a classmate. Three years later we separated and I set up my own studio. I had always wanted to enter the medical field, but it is a complicated sector and it was even more complicated years ago. I was lucky enough, thanks to my final degree project, to meet a traumatologist, Dr López Osornio, who also advised me during my final project. I created an altruistic relationship with him where we exchanged ideas and knowledge. For seven years I have been combining design work of all kinds (graphic, product, spaces...) with project ideas for the traumatology sector. In 2021, this altruistic relationship became a partnership to promote the Xkelet project. Throughout 2022, we have presented the project to the medical community and have managed to make it evolve thanks to the feedback we have received. We could say that I currently focus on needs analysis and product optimisation.

What is design for you? 

A process/tool for finding optimised solutions. In a design process, you have to take into account as many factors as possible to create a solution that combines simplicity, aesthetics and efficiency.

Who inspires you professionally speaking?

My parents. For me, they are a role model for entrepreneurship, dedication and good work.

How would you define your time at Elisava? 

Intense and rewarding. Intense in terms of demand, both from the projects and from my colleagues and teachers. Rewarding in terms of all the learning received in four years academically, professionally, personally...

What has made the biggest impact on you out of everything you have learnt at Elisava? 

The dedication to the projects and being able to share constructive opinions and competence with colleagues.

A piece of advice: 

The fact that a project doesn't succeed isn't always a sign that it's not a good project: sometimes it can mean that the market isn't ready for it yet. Keep it, bring it back from time to time, observe it, give it a second look, and maybe one day it will see the light of day.

A challenge for the future: 

To bring the design community closer to professionals in the medical sector, so that they dare to give more feedback for the creation of tools and methodologies that adapt to their needs.

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