REspardenya, a collaborative project based on sustainability
Date: 08.03.2021

REspardenya is the name under which, during the last edition of the Barcelona Design Week, the Nutcreatives studio —founded by the Alumni Àlex Jimenez— and the companies La Manual Alpargatera and Infinit Denim presented a collaboration that focused on making a product based on sustainability.


This project is based on the need for Nutcreatives to deal, periodically, with their own projects that take some distance from the commissions they usually receive, so that they can be constantly experimenting and learning.


With the idea of ​​how design can help create a more sustainable production model, the studio joined forces with La Manual Alpargatera and the textile company Infinit Denim to create a shoe that started from a completely artisanal production in Barcelona, with a fabric recycled from local waste and a more urban look.


The REspardenya collection is made up of 4 types of canvas sandal: a male model with laces, a female model with an esparto wedge and a flat model with a male and female shape. With this project, Nutcreatives has managed to integrate, through simple solutions, an innovative fabric and an improvement in the environmental impact, and results in a timeless and versatile product.


Although the official launch of the collection will be in March, the REspardenya can now be ordered at the La Manual Alpargatera store (C/ Avinyó, 7) or through the Nutcreatives website. Following sustainability criteria, the designs are produced through a pre-ordering within 15 days, in order to avoid stocks and generate unnecessary waste and are delivered in a reusable bag-pack.


This collaboration has been the first contact of the studio of Àlex Jimenez with the world of fashion and footwear, and a challenge that they have enjoyed learning from scratch. In the words of Àlex himself: “We think that our way of designing and the sustainability criteria we work with are perfectly applicable to different sectors, so we would love to try later with other products we have never designed, such as clothing or accessories”.