Alumni Stories - Mireia Andreu Robert
Date: 15.03.2023

Where you were born?



Where do you live?

Sant Cugat del Vallès


Where do you work?

I work as Innovation Manager at Packaging Cluster, a non-profit organization that dynamizes the packaging sector. I also teach the Master's Degree in Marketing Branding and Sustainability at the UB, and I am a lecturer on the Master's Degree in Packaging at Shifta, in the subject of Innovation.


What has been your professional career?

I graduated from Elisava in Industrial Design Engineering. During my time at university, I did an internship first as a Product Manager in a consultancy firm, doing market research for different products. Then I started an internship at Forever Us, a company that designs funeral products, and there, once I finished my internship, I was hired as an industrial engineer and assistant with the R&D of the products.

Later I worked in the technical office of the company Veripack. There I designed thermoformed plastic packaging for fruit and vegetables, and also managed the design of prototypes, molds, and the start-up of the production lines. This is where I was introduced to the world of packaging. Currently, I have been working for 5 years in the Packaging Cluster, as Innovation Manager. Within the organization, I have been able to get to know the industrial world of this sector, see and coordinate innovative projects within Packaging and understand the needs of the ecosystem.

This has led me to publish weekly news of interest to the sector on Linkedin and where I continue to learn from all the professionals I have in the network. My interest in the sector and sustainability has also led me to teach at the university on Packaging and Sustainability at the UB, and as an innovation agent, in the subject of Innovation in the Master's Degree in Packaging at Shifta.


What is design to you?

For me, design is an indispensable tool with a very important role in all aspects, and that has to take into account infinite variables that will make the product or service that comes out of that design good or not. A good design needs no explanation in terms of use, sale, or post-consumption.


What inspires you professionally speaking?

My hard-working, fighting, and resilient attitude is inspired by all the teachers I have had, both inside and outside the classroom, but above all my great inspiration has been my mother.


How would define your time at Elisava?

My four years at Elisava have been key to picking up a rhythm and a way of working. The frenetic pace of work and deliveries that we had made me arrive at the work stage more prepared. It has also opened doors for me in some of the companies where I have been working.


What has maked you the most from what you have learnt at Elisava

What has marked me most about Elisava is the most practical part, being able to carry out design projects from start to finish, the great competitiveness among the students that made you reach excellence when it came to doing a good job with your group mates. Group work has also been the key to being able to work as a team now.


An advice

Pursue your dreams, don't give up if you are convinced that what you want is the right thing for you and for others. Follow your dream to the end, no one better than you can value the work you have done.


A challenge for the future

The challenge for the future is to bring knowledge and good practices closer to everyone in order to build a better world. It seems very utopian, but it is important to transmit knowledge and tools to make things better.