Alumni Ambassadors
Carla Anderson
Ecuador, Quito

Master in Product Design, specializing in conceptualization and development at Elisava in 2010. Together with a team, she was recognized for the best project in the category "Indoor: Containers" developed for Santa & Cole during the master.

Her entrepreneurial nature has led her to become involved in projects with different design approaches. Her field of action ranges from product design, service strategies to set design, visual merchandising and exhibitors. She has acquired an ability to understand customer needs in order to deliver creative, innovative and effective solutions.

She currently consults for the development of projects based on the methodology of Design Thinking.

Since September 2013, she has been part of the teaching staff of the Faculty of Design at the Universidad de las Américas, in the chairs of innovation and visual merchandising.

The exercise of teaching requires a permanent update of knowledge and delivery of the same in favour of the students. Under her vision as a product designer, she is actively involved in her profession, believing that it is important to link the business world and academia, in order to strengthen the development of various sectors of society.