Welcome to the Elisava Alumni Community.
The Association
Elisava Alumni is the alumni association of the Elisava School. The teaching staff and administration and services staff of the School can also be part of this group.
Know the History of the Association
For 15 years, we have been connecting current and former students, professors, companies, universities and the environment with the aim of promoting their professional and personal development through the promotion of networking, the spread of knowledge and the promotion of professional opportunities. In short, Elisava Alumni is a community that offers a space to exchange knowledge, relationships, opportunities, inspiration and benefits for all its members in the fields of design, engineering, entrepreneurship and innovation, both in local as well as international level.
Board and Advisory Council
Guillem Virgili
Raquel Llaberia
María Visa
Jordi Ros
Advisory Council
Anna Inglés
Advisory Council
Josep Puig
Advisory Council
Daniel Paladini
Advisory Council
Godfathers and godmothers
of the Years
Year 2021
  • Josep Puig (Year 1980)
  • Ariadna Soto (Year 2014)
Year 2020
  • Verònica Fuerte (Year 2002)
  • Marc Illán (Year 2004)
Year 2019
  • María Visa (Year 2011)
  • Albert Ibányez (Year 2010)
Year 2018
  • Victor Hugo de Pablo (Year 2010)
  • Ana Zelich (Year 1978)
Year 2017
  • Marta Borrell (Year 1992)
  • Anna Inglés (Year 2013)
Year 2016
  • Ramón Benedito (Year 1970)
  • Carla Molins Pitarch (Year 2013)
Year 2015
  • David Ruiz (Year 1980)
  • Anna Viloca (Year 2000)