Alumni Stories - Anna Slovinsky
Date: 26.03.2021
Alumni Stories

Where were you born?

In Barcelona.


Where do you live?

In Barcelona.


Studies and graduation year at Elisava

Graduated in Industrial Design Engineering in 2014.


Where do you work?

I am currently part of the team of industrial designers at Lázaro Rosa-Violán's interior design studio. 6 years ago I had the opportunity to start working with him, and in all this time he has never ceased to amaze me. I combine it with my own SLOVINSKY jewelry firm, in which I release my authentic creative essence, and the respective studies, as a professional jeweler and nailer at the JORGC official school (jewelers, goldsmiths, watchmakers and gemologists of Catalonia).


What has been your professional career?

While I was in my final year at Elisava, I started my career as a designer at Puig. There I acquired the knowledge and importance about everything related to packaging, in this case focused on perfume as a product. Then I had the opportunity to enter the great world of apps by developing an application focused on restoration. Shortly after in 2015 I joined the Lázaro team. In 2017 I started my jewelry studies and to work in my own firm SLOVINSKY.


What is design for you?

Design is to be able to materialize an idea without using words. If something needs to be said, then it doesn't meet the requirements of a good design.


Who inspires you professionally speaking?

The closest and undoubted person in this case would be Lázaro. He is an artist who radiates personality and artistry in every action he does. His close treatment makes it very easy to learn and soak up his essence. On the other hand, my parents. Both are graphic designers and the architects of the fact that since childhood I’ve grown up surrounded by design and good work.


How would you define your time at Elisava?

Constructive. Many moments of intense and enriching learning thanks to the professors and so many other fun moments with my classmates. A magical stage of my life.


What has marked you the most of everything you learned at Elisava?

It's probably a shared answer, but it's fascinating how we learned to “ground” the most seemingly crazy ideas to make them real.

A piece of advice 

When you think it's done, walk away for a moment. Surely when you return you will be able to continue improving what you already considered finished. 


A challenge for the future

To be able to share my creativity on a large scale through SLOVINSKY jewels.

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